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19621 4 0 AD Connector normal Linux UCS 4.2-x "Passwort bei der nächsten Anmeldung ändern" Synchronisation (POSIX/Kerberos)
31442 2 0 UMC - Computer room normal Linux UCS@school 3.x Adapt computerroom/* commands to be stateless
44565 2 0 System setup normal Linux --- Add UCR option to disable starting of xserver + firefox during boot
33969 2 0 UDM (Generic) enhancement Linux --- Add defaultForModule to containers/cn and containers/ou
36801 2 0 UMC - Users enhancement Linux UCS 4.0-x Add syntax check for home drive and home share
24852 4 0 UMC - Virtual machines (UVMM) normal Linux UCS 3.2-x Apache-Proxy-Timeout bei Clonen einer Instanz / Anlegen eines Schnappschusses
35109 2 0 UMC - CSV Import enhancement Linux --- CSV-Import unusable for non-Domain Admins
32758 3 0 UMC - Domain management (Generic) enhancement Linux UCS 3.x Configurable columns in grid
23412 2 0 IP and network management normal Linux --- DDNS Einrichtung für externe DNS Server
22331 2 0 DVS Templates normal Linux --- DVS Templates: abgebrochene "Sysprep" Instanzen anzeigen
31269 5 0 Developer documentation normal Linux --- Developer Documentation for UMC
34647 2 0 UMC (Generic) normal Linux UCS 3.2-x Displayed username in UMC header not correct for some cases
34807 2 0 Hardware and device support normal Linux UCC 2.x Distorted graphical output with Ubuntu 14.04 / UCC 2.0 when running on KVM
24023 4 0 Mail services normal Linux --- Dokumentation zu Transport Maps und Canonical Maps
29525 8 0 Developer documentation normal Linux --- Dokumentation zur Entwicklung eigener UDM-Module
34473 2 0 UMC - Users normal Linux UCS 3.2-x Don't list non-samba groups in primary group fields of a samba user
29756 2 0 UMC (Generic) normal Linux UCS 3.x Enter zum Abschicken von Dialogen
19541 3 0 Virtualization - UVMM normal Linux --- Fehlermeldung beim Umbenennen
8093 2 0 Image Desktop normal Linux --- Firefox als Standardbrowser
36648 2 0 UMC - DHCP minor Linux --- First address > last address in dynamic subnet

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