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16284 1429d 10h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: remove NO_SUCH_OBJECT error handling, ignore temporary objects
16281 1430d 03h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: special treat for NO_SUCH_OBJECT errors
16136 1451d 03h lwalter /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ univention-multi-master (1.0.119-1) unstable; urgency=low

* renamed tests
* modify tests description
* added more conflict handling tests
(Bug #33580)
16135 1451d 05h lwalter /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ added certain conflict handling unit tests (Bug #33580)
16116 1458d 08h lwalter /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ univention-multi-master (1.0.117-1) unstable; urgency=low

* fixed test cases/lib (Bug #33580)
16106 1462d 10h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: make sure that private XML attributes are not shown by
default, make sure the receivedFromHost is set correctly
16105 1463d 04h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ Bug #33580: update TODO list
16104 1463d 05h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: extend list of excluded LDAP attributes
16103 1463d 05h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: dump journal and dn-entryUUID mapping data
16102 1463d 06h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: adjusted re-sending of transactions
16101 1463d 07h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: retry to send transactions to hosts that are offline
16100 1463d 09h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: fix conflict check, add log output for conflict resolution
16099 1463d 10h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: ignore already known transaction IDs
16098 1464d 06h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ Bug #33580: update TODO list
16097 1464d 06h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: make sure that missing transactions are queried
16095 1464d 08h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ Bug #33580: update TODO list
16094 1464d 08h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: defer journal/xmlData dumping for 2 sec
16093 1464d 09h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ Bug #33580: update TODO list
16092 1464d 09h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/ * Bug #33580: make sure that XML element attributes are ordered, as
differently ordered attributes lead to differend MD5 sums
16089 1465d 03h aklaeser /branches/ucs-3.2/component/multi-master-replication/univention-multi-master/multimaster/ * Bug #33580: adjust resetting, adjust initial synchronization

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