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16064 1467d 21h phahn /branches/ucs-3.2/ Bug #34084: QA fixes release notes

Remove obsolete UCS-3.0 sections.

Fix some spelling mistakes.

Add missing opening parenthesis before Bugzilla links.
Merge some related Bug entries.

Fix bibliography link to UCS manual.

Convert CVE entries to links.

Give all chapters and section stable feedback links.
15970 1475d 01h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #34050: added release notes to docs
15901 1479d 06h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/css/ Bug #33628: Adapt styling of <pre> tags
15747 1490d 03h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #33872
15724 1491d 01h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/ Bug #33628: remove dynamic generated files, apply patch from Bug #33628
15659 1493d 02h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #33222
15608 1498d 02h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #33658
15495 1504d 01h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #33658
15486 1504d 07h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #30859
15470 1505d 00h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #30859
15388 1525d 04h jmm /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628
15322 1532d 04h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628: keep files in sync
15290 1533d 01h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/css/ Bug #33628
15289 1533d 01h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628: fine tuning, replacement of univention logo → fixes univention colors
15208 1538d 01h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628: adapt wording
15201 1538d 06h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/css/ Bug #33628: adjust CSS for
15191 1539d 01h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/ Bug #33628: CSS adaptions for the template to also fit for
15188 1539d 03h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628: build with latest changes
15187 1539d 04h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/webroot/ Bug #33628: IE and FF fixes
15178 1540d 00h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/doc-common/docbook/stylesheets/ Bug #33628: show title of docbook next to the univention logo

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