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27634 476d 10h svnsync /branches/ Author: phahn Date: 2016-09-15T13:27:03.560783Z
Bug #42329 ec2: Tag usecases

find ucs-3.2 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs3.2\n' {} +
find ucs-3.3 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs3.3\n' {} +
find ucs-4.0 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.0\n' {} +
find ucs-4.1 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.1\n' {} +
find ucs-4.2 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.2\n' {} +
27632 525d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #39349 ec2: Use ec2-tools from trunk/

26638 682d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #33738: Add announce date
26636 682d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #33738: Add erratum ID

Remove YAML files from 3.2-7 which were published through 3.2-6
Remove YAML files from 3.2-8 which were published through 3.2-[67]

dev/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-1/doc/errata/published/2015-04-19-univention-licen[c -> s]e.yaml

dev/ucs-3.1/ucs-3.1-1/doc/errata/published/2013-04-25[. -> -]libnss-ldap.yaml


Reconstructed from HTML

Remove trailing white space
Remove empty note:
Remove YAML document separator ---
Add erratum ID

Superseeded by 2015-08-26-univention-mail-dovecot.yaml

Only 2013-07-11-univention-samba4.yaml was released, but not univention-ldap!

Same samba version relesed for different UCS patch-level releases

Only epoch difference

Published twice as 3.1-0+8 and 3.1-0+15
22875 913d 01h phahn /branches/ Bug #38970 doc: Prepare 3.2-7 release notes

Fix 3.2-7 release notes.
Fix link.
22872 913d 04h phahn /branches/ Bug #38970 doc: Prepare 3.2-7 release notes

Back-port link fixing from UCS-4 (Bug #38193)

Fix documents IDs to be unique again.

Back-port univentionFreeAttribute[-0-]1 (Bug #39067)

Fix 3.2-7 release date.

Remove duplicate bibliography entry "adding-wmi-filter".

Add 3.2-7 release notes.
22856 916d 06h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #363 (Bug #37093)
22854 916d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #36987 docbook: Remove <revhistory> 3.1/3.2/4.1

It's not shown on the title page, used no where else, is unmaintained
and out-dated.

sed -i '/<revhistory>/,/<\/revhistory>/d'

More since r62912
22853 916d 07h phahn /branches/ucs-3.2/ Bug #39249 doc: ldap.secret

Backport Bug #36758 to UCS-3.2
22851 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #362 (Bug #36368)
22850 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #361 (Bug #33281)
22849 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/staging/ Advisory Bug #36368
22848 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/staging/ Advisory Bug #33281
22847 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #360 (Bug #38692)
22846 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #359 (Bug #38303)
22845 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #358 (Bug #35097)
22844 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #357 (Bug #37209)
22843 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #356 (Bug #33284)
22842 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #355 (Bug #38524)
22841 916d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-3.2-6/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #354 (Bug #38524)

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