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21646 856d 14h phahn /branches/ucs-3.2/ Bug #38514 DocBook: Fix broken Makefile

Fix build error:
> make: Entering directory `/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/UCSschool 3.2/UCSschool 3.2 Release Notes/changelog'
> release-notes-ucsschool-3.2v2-de.xml:9: warning: failed to load external entity "../stylesheets/macros-de.ent"

To quote from "info make 'Command Syntax'":
> Each command line must start with a tab, ...
16342 1267d 11h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Changelog Bug #34259
16341 1267d 11h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Changelog Bug #34259
16286 1275d 12h fbotner /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts/ reverted last commit (Bug #22737)
16285 1275d 12h fbotner /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/ucs-school-netlogon-user-logonscripts/ added umc link for teachers in (Bug #22737)
16063 1315d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #34126: Fix piwiki -> piwik
15990 1319d 07h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/manual/ Bug #34057: added note for rename_class
15989 1319d 07h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/manual/ Bug #34079: updated copyright and date
15988 1319d 07h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/manual/ Bug #34098: added hint for Samba 4 on a administrative DC slave
15974 1322d 08h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/manual/ Bug #34079: updated screenshot sizes
15973 1322d 08h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/manual/ Bug #34079: updated manual for UCS 3.2
15964 1323d 09h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #34050: changelog fixes
15963 1323d 10h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #34050: updated release notes
15962 1323d 10h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #33600: fixed xml
15959 1323d 11h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #33600: added changelog entry
15958 1323d 11h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #33752: added changelog entry
15950 1324d 08h fbest /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/ucs-school-import/ * Bug #33600: make sure that shares exists before modifying them
15949 1324d 09h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/ucs-school-import/ * rename_class: change sambaName and sambaForceGroup too (Bug #33752)
15941 1324d 13h edamrose /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/ucs-school-metapackage/debian/ Bug #33856: Less imperative, more descriptive
15932 1325d 07h sschwardt /branches/ucs-3.2/ucs-school-3.2/doc/changelog/ Bug #33979: update

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