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27634 444d 12h svnsync /branches/ Author: phahn Date: 2016-09-15T13:27:03.560783Z
Bug #42329 ec2: Tag usecases

find ucs-3.2 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs3.2\n' {} +
find ucs-3.3 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs3.3\n' {} +
find ucs-4.0 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.0\n' {} +
find ucs-4.1 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.1\n' {} +
find ucs-4.2 -type f -name \*.cfg -exec sed -i -e '1i[EC2Tags]\nusecase: dev-jenkins-ucs4.2\n' {} +
27632 493d 09h phahn /branches/ Bug #39349 ec2: Use ec2-tools from trunk/

26638 650d 08h phahn /branches/ Bug #33738: Add announce date
26636 650d 09h phahn /branches/ Bug #33738: Add erratum ID

Remove YAML files from 3.2-7 which were published through 3.2-6
Remove YAML files from 3.2-8 which were published through 3.2-[67]

dev/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-1/doc/errata/published/2015-04-19-univention-licen[c -> s]e.yaml

dev/ucs-3.1/ucs-3.1-1/doc/errata/published/2013-04-25[. -> -]libnss-ldap.yaml


Reconstructed from HTML

Remove trailing white space
Remove empty note:
Remove YAML document separator ---
Add erratum ID

Superseeded by 2015-08-26-univention-mail-dovecot.yaml

Only 2013-07-11-univention-samba4.yaml was released, but not univention-ldap!

Same samba version relesed for different UCS patch-level releases

Only epoch difference

Published twice as 3.1-0+8 and 3.1-0+15
26159 699d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #38624 ec2: Fix commit r60948

r60948 committed *after* running Jenkins, which appends two
lines for jenkins_update().

Also fix install_ucsschool() is it wrongly also added ucsschool_release.
25291 767d 06h phahn /branches/ Bug #40268 doc: Fix ucs410
24808 793d 10h breiteme /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/test/ucs-ec2-tools/examples/kvm/prod/ Bug #39359: copying directly from /root/
24807 793d 10h breiteme /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/test/ucs-ec2-tools/examples/kvm/prod/ Bug #39359: gets copied after update.
24806 793d 11h breiteme /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/test/ucs-ec2-tools/examples/kvm/prod/ Bug #39359: added ucr locale settings.
24676 796d 10h phahn /branches/ Bug #39961 doc: Don't install background images

The files are shared with UCS and are common.
They're only needed during the creation of the PDF files.
Add make target to find duplicate images.
24665 796d 12h jwalkenh /branches/ Bug #39985: ami-b87c2ecf → ami-f2934981
24657 796d 14h phahn /branches/ Bug #36987 doc: Remove common icon
24639 797d 07h phahn /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/developer-reference/udm/ Bug #39734 doc: UCS-4.1 version changes

Fix references to UCS release.
24637 797d 07h phahn /branches/ Bug #39734 doc: UCS-4.1 version changes

Fix references to UCS release.
24432 804d 04h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #363 (Bug #39779)
24431 804d 04h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #362 (Bug #39578)
24430 804d 04h jwalkenh /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/errata/ Announce Erratum #361 (Bug #39578)
24429 804d 05h aklaeser /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/errata/staging/ Bug #39779: adjusted package version in YAML file
24428 804d 05h aklaeser /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/management/univention-management-console-module-udm/ Bug #39779: Fix error when creating a share or group UDM object
24423 804d 06h aklaeser /branches/ucs-4.0/ucs-4.0-3/doc/errata/staging/ Bug #39779: added YAML file

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