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A test framework for UCS
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AD Connector Samba maintainers
AD Connector test cases
Apache UCS maintainers
Test cases for Apache
App Center App Center maintainers
App Center tests
DHCP UCS maintainers
Test cases for DHCP server
DNS UCS maintainers
DNS tests
Docker App Center maintainers
Issues about docker
Firewall (univention-firewall) UCS maintainers
Test cases for univention-firewall
Framework UCS maintainers
Bugs zum Framework
General UCS maintainers
General test cases
Jenkins - Test setups UCS maintainers
Test setups in Jenkins
Kerberos UCS maintainers
Kerberos test cases
Kernel UCS maintainers
Test issues for the kernel
LDAP UCS maintainers
License UCS maintainers
Test cases about license issues
Mail Mail maintainers
Mail- und Groupware-Tests
OXAE Mail maintainers
Open Xchange Appliance Edition
OXSE Mail maintainers
Open Xchange Server Edition
Password changes UCS maintainers
Test cases about password changes
pkgdb UCS maintainers
Test cases for pkgdb
Printserver UCS maintainers
Test issues about the printserver
S4 Connector Samba maintainers
S4 Connector test cases
Samba Samba maintainers
Samba Testskripte
SAML UCS maintainers
ucs-test issues for SAML
Squid UCS maintainers
Test cases for Squid
SSL UCS maintainers
SSL test cases
UCC UCC maintainers
UCC test cases
UCR UCS maintainers
Test cases for UCR
UCS Installer UCS maintainers
Issues about test cases for the installer
UCS@school UCS@school maintainers
UCS@school test cases
UDM UMC maintainers
UDM Testskripte
UMC UMC maintainers
UMC related test cases
Updater UCS maintainers
Tests about the Univention Updater
Wiki - Produkt Tests UCS maintainers
Beschreibung der Produkt Tests im Wiki