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Components Additional components for UCS / UCS@school
UCS Univention Corporate Server
UCS Test A test framework for UCS
UCS extended documentation Extended documentation for UCS
UCS manual UCS manual
UCS@school UCS@school
USI Univention-Support-Info
Z_FUKITS "Flexible und kontrollierte IT-Umgebung für Schüler": client based desktop virtualization offered as "Cool Solution" extension to UCS@school.
Z_Internal OX development Bugs zur OX-Integration
Z_SDB Univention Support Database
Z_UCS DVS UCS Desktop Virtualization Service
Z_UCS Thin Client Services (superseded) UCS Thin Client Services (UCS TCS). This product has been superceded by Univention Corporate Client.
Z_Univention Corporate Client (UCC) Univention Corporate Client (UCC)
Z_Univention Corporate Desktop (superseded) Univention Corporate Desktop (UCD) is a flexibly applicable Linux complete solution for the operation of modern office workstations. This product has been superceded by Univention Corporate Client. Documentation, HOWTOs and technical information hosted on