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Univention Corporate Desktop (UCD) is a flexibly applicable Linux complete solution for the operation of modern office workstations. This product has been superceded by Univention Corporate Client.
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Documentation Docu maintainers UCD maintainers
Documentation für Univention Corporate Desktop
General UCD maintainers
General issues with Univention Corporate Desktop
KDE applications UCD maintainers
Bugs for KDE applications (e.g. Konqueror, K3b, Amarok, etc)
KDE desktop UCD maintainers
Components of the KDE desktop environments, e.g. Plasma, printing support, window manager, plasmoids, Kicker, etc.
KDE profile builder UCD maintainers
Bugs for the Univention KDE profile builder tool and the associated mechanisms to preconfigure a desktop environment UCD maintainers
Bugs for the office suites
Remote logins UCD maintainers
Bugs on tools covering remote logins to UCD systems (Managed/Mobile clients) and to access other systems remotely
Univention KDE profiles UCD maintainers
Issues in the preconfigured KDE profiles shipped with Univention Corporate Desktop
ZZZ - Trash - Acrobat Reader UCD maintainers
Bugs for the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF viewer
ZZZ - Trash - Firefox / Browser plugins UCD maintainers
Bugs for the Firefox browser and popular browser plugins like Java or Flash
ZZZ - Trash - GDM UCD maintainers
Bugs for the GDM display manager and the session scripts (although UCD is based on KDE, GDM is used as the display manager)
ZZZ - Trash - Gnome Bugzilla Mailingliste
Components of the Gnome desktop environment in Univention Corporate Desktop
ZZZ - Trash - Internationalisation UCD maintainers
Problems running Univention Corporate Desktop with unexpected internationalisation