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41711 17 0 UDM (Generic) normal Linux --- Fix UDM locking/unlocking
32192 13 0 UDM (Generic) normal Linux UCS 3.2-x Removal of computer should clean up references
42597 8 0 UMC (Generic) normal Linux --- make MultiInput a complete widget
19733 6 0 Virtualisation / UVMM normal Linux UCS 3.x Interne Xen-Doku
18030 6 0 Image Desktop normal Linux --- mailto in Firefox funktioniert nicht
31269 5 0 Developer documentation normal Linux --- Developer Documentation for UMC
28339 5 0 Client management enhancement Linux --- VNC-Benutzerunterstützung für UCC-Clients
44735 4 0 UMC - Domain management (Generic) normal Linux --- ldapError: LDAP connection invalid
38789 4 0 UMC - Domain management (Generic) normal Linux UCS 4.0-x UDM not usable on DC backup if master is down
36541 4 0 UMC - Domain management (Generic) normal Linux UCS 4.1-x Standby animation and progress bar not visible if page is too large
25880 4 0 UMC - Virtual machines (UVMM) minor Linux --- Mehrfachangabe eines Gerätes in den Einstellungen der Bootreihenfolge verhindert Start der VM
24852 4 0 UMC - Virtual machines (UVMM) normal Linux UCS 3.2-x Apache-Proxy-Timeout bei Clonen einer Instanz / Anlegen eines Schnappschusses
24023 4 0 Mail services normal Linux --- Dokumentation zu Transport Maps und Canonical Maps
19621 4 0 AD Connector normal Linux UCS 4.2-x "Passwort bei der nächsten Anmeldung ändern" Synchronisation (POSIX/Kerberos)
54589 3 0 UDM (Generic) normal Linux --- Wrong regex for UDM syntax gid allows wrong characters
43692 3 0 Samba4 enhancement Linux UCS 5.1 Migrate Samba 4 DNS data from the legacy to the default partition
39224 3 0 UMC - Virtual machines (UVMM) normal Linux UCS 4.x UVMM: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'
38879 3 0 UMC - DHCP enhancement Linux --- UMC-Module: Manage DHCP leases
37550 3 0 UDM - Extended Attributes minor Linux UCS 4.x UDM module list always English
33005 3 0 UMC - Virtual machines (UVMM) enhancement Linux UCS 3.2-x UVMM usability

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