Bug 40316 - libItalcCore crashes
libItalcCore crashes
Status: CLOSED DUPLICATE of bug 41752
Product: UCS@school
Classification: Unclassified
Component: iTALC
UCS@school 4.0
Other Linux
: P5 critical (vote)
: UCS@school 4.1 R2 vXXX
Assigned To: Florian Best
Daniel Tröder
: interim-3
: 37378 (view as bug list)
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Reported: 2015-12-21 11:54 CET by Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich
Modified: 2016-12-12 13:16 CET (History)
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Description Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2015-12-21 11:54:42 CET
Copied from bug #38415:

> root@ucs-abcde:~# dmesg -T | tail
> [Mi Dez 16 09:08:09 2015] univention-mana[19047]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f3af53e3afd sp 00007ffc5012cb50 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3af53b8000+cc000]
> [Mi Dez 16 09:09:45 2015] univention-mana[21899]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f0822e76afd sp 00007ffefed17000 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0822e4b000+cc000]
> [Mi Dez 16 10:29:49 2015] univention-mana[22250]: segfault at 50 ip 00007ffb3b17dafd sp 00007ffc25978870 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ffb3b152000+cc000]
> [Mi Dez 16 12:20:48 2015] univention-mana[31642]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f5f069b6afd sp 00007ffc1fa31ee0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5f0698b000+cc000]
> [Mi Dez 16 12:37:11 2015] univention-mana[652]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f6e22c38afd sp 00007ffc3d173a20 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6e22c0d000+cc000]

→ there still seem to be invalid null pointer references in iTALC on Linux.
→ UCS@school 4.0 R2 v2 (or v3) was in use
→ Seen on a customer system

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #38413 +++

In several UCS@school test environments numerous segfaults of the UCS@school computerroom module were noticed:

root@slave81:~# dmesg | grep segfault | tail -1
[125430.710625] univention-mana[24783]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f86125ef16b sp 00007f85ef8107d8 error 6 in libc-2.13.so[7f8612566000+182000]
root@slave81:~# dmesg | grep univention-mana | grep -c segfault

When raising the debug level of the UMC modules to 4, the segfault vanished but reappeared when lowering the debug level back to 2.
After enabling core dumps in the UMC server and UMC modules, I were able to catch a core dump of the UCS@school computerroom module that gave interesting information:

See bug 37280 on how to enable core dumps for UMC components. I added 
"ulimit -c unlimited" to /etc/init.d/univention-management-console-server and checked the limits of the UMC module after restarting the UMC server and opening the first UMC module (limit should be "unlimited"):

root@slave81:~# pgrep -f univention-management-console-module
root@slave81:~# cat /proc/24205/limits | grep core
Max core file size        unlimited            unlimited            bytes     

Next I tried to trigger the segfault. The core file of the module process could be found as "/core".

# ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes
# univention-install libc6-dbg italc-dbg gdb
# gdb /usr/bin/python2.7 core
(gdb) bt
#0  __memcpy_sse2 () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/../memcpy.S:267
#1  0x00007f85f0a88fb5 in CopyRectangle (buffer=<optimized out>, x=<optimized out>, y=<optimized out>, w=800, h=1, client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>, 
    client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>, client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>)
    at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/rfbproto.c:172
#2  0x00007f85f0a5f1ee in DecompressJpegRect32 (client=client@entry=0x2ff5e00, x=x@entry=0, y=y@entry=0, w=w@entry=800, h=h@entry=81) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/tight.c:580
#3  0x00007f85f0a5f3ca in HandleTight32 (client=client@entry=0x2ff5e00, rx=0, ry=0, rw=800, rh=81) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/tight.c:146
#4  0x00007f85f0a90d65 in HandleRFBServerMessage (client=0x2ff5e00) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/rfbproto.c:2101
#5  0x00007f85f0a647a2 in ItalcVncConnection::doConnection (this=this@entry=0x2ba5fa0) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/lib/src/ItalcVncConnection.cpp:644
#6  0x00007f85f0a648c8 in ItalcVncConnection::run (this=0x2ba5fa0) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/lib/src/ItalcVncConnection.cpp:524
#7  0x00007f861017cd0b in ?? () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQtCore.so.4
#8  0x00007f8613199b50 in start_thread (arg=<optimized out>) at pthread_create.c:304
#9  0x00007f861264270d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:112
#10 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
(gdb) up
#1  0x00007f85f0a88fb5 in CopyRectangle (buffer=<optimized out>, x=<optimized out>, y=<optimized out>, w=800, h=1, client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>, 
    client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>, client=<error reading variable: Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa>)
    at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/rfbproto.c:172
172	  case 32: COPY_RECT(32); break;
(gdb) print client->frameBuffer
Unhandled dwarf expression opcode 0xfa
(gdb) up
#2  0x00007f85f0a5f1ee in DecompressJpegRect32 (client=client@entry=0x2ff5e00, x=x@entry=0, y=y@entry=0, w=w@entry=800, h=h@entry=81) at /var/build/temp/tmp.WeqkYO8HNb/pbuilder/italc-2.0.22/ica/x11/libvncclient/tight.c:580
580	    CopyRectangle(client, (uint8_t *)&client->buffer[RFB_BUFFER_SIZE / 2], x, y + dy, w, 1);
(gdb) print client->frameBuffer
$1 = (uint8_t *) 0x0

It looks like it is not assured that the frameBuffer is already allocated when handling the first messages comming from the iTALC Windows client.
Comment 1 Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2015-12-21 11:59:21 CET
It would be helpful, if this seg fault is either reproducible or if it is possible to grab a core dump of the seg fault.
Comment 2 Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2015-12-21 12:18:02 CET
Checked systems of another customer and found the same and a bunch of additional segfaults in libItalc* during the last 10 weeks on several customer machines. List is sorted by fault address:

segfault at 1014b4 ip aeae1dd0 sp ac8fd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeac6000+cb000]
segfault at 104928 ip 00007f283a8b744e sp 00007f283966ac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f283a892000+cc000]
segfault at 1050cc ip 00007f3a7682644e sp 00007f3a6cff8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3a76801000+cc000]
segfault at 1050cc ip 00007fdc0e7b144e sp 00007fdbd6099c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdc0e78c000+cc000]
segfault at 1053fc ip 00007f39c0e5f44e sp 00007f39b47efc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f39c0e3a000+cc000]
segfault at 1149b8 ip 00007f9d26d2c428 sp 00007f9d1b7f5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9d26d07000+cc000]
segfault at 1153c0 ip 00007f6efaf4044e sp 00007f6efacf5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6efaf1b000+cc000]
segfault at 11e0cc ip 00007fd7c93ad4c4 sp 00007fd7c12f8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fd7c9388000+cc000]
segfault at 122e58 ip aea13d38 sp a9efc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f8000+cb000]
segfault at 125190 ip aeaa1d38 sp a80f4100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea86000+cb000]
segfault at 1251ec ip 00007f2396ea24c4 sp 00007f238effcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2396e7d000+cc000]
segfault at 12545c ip 00007fc15f0964c4 sp 00007fc1540f5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fc15f071000+cc000]
segfault at 12bd98 ip 00007f4c8312644e sp 00007f4c75ff2c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4c83101000+cc000]
segfault at 12e628 ip 00007f331e4f3428 sp 00007f331daa7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f331e4ce000+cc000]
segfault at 1331d4 ip 00007f47a2f3d428 sp 00007f47937edc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f47a2f18000+cc000]
segfault at 1331d4 ip 00007fdc008b5428 sp 00007fdbf0ff0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdc00890000+cc000]
segfault at 1331d4 ip aea1ccff sp a9ff7100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea01000+cb000]
segfault at 134238 ip 00007f1f7ab0744e sp 00007f1f70ff8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1f7aae2000+cc000]
segfault at 13fc ip 00007fa79f9e5457 sp 00007fa7917f1c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fa79f9c0000+cc000]
segfault at 1412d8 ip 00007efec128944e sp 00007efeb19d1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7efec1264000+cc000]
segfault at 151e04 ip 00007f87140f3428 sp 00007f86f31dac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f87140ce000+cc000]
segfault at 15b670 ip 00007f934de4f44e sp 00007f933c5f6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f934de2a000+cc000]
segfault at 15c02c ip 00007f813ae8649e sp 00007f81327fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f813ae61000+cc000]
segfault at 18bb58 ip 00007f49e002944e sp 00007f49d67fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f49e0004000+cc000]
segfault at 19c464 ip 00007f3f4d25e4c4 sp 00007f3f29ff2c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3f4d239000+cc000]
segfault at 1a74c4 ip 00007f908054a49e sp 00007f9075ff9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9080525000+cc000]
segfault at 1aa60 ip 00007f74a7794428 sp 00007f74a5845c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f74a776f000+cc000]
segfault at 1b07c ip 00007f62e896d428 sp 00007f62a1f92c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f62e8948000+cc000]
segfault at 1b4a48 ip 00007f230829049e sp 00007f22d13a9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f230826b000+cc000]
segfault at 1c250 ip 00007f0dd88eb428 sp 00007f0dd669cc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0dd88c6000+cc000]
segfault at 1d5254 ip 00007f70a0edf428 sp 00007f70956efc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f70a0eba000+cc000]
segfault at 1da6ec ip 00007f422b9d14c4 sp 00007f4220ff8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f422b9ac000+cc000]
segfault at 1e0db8 ip 00007fcb137a949e sp 00007fcaeb7edc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fcb13784000+cc000]
segfault at 1e23c4 ip aea00dd0 sp a9df6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e5000+cb000]
segfault at 1e47a0 ip 00007f8af5f19428 sp 00007f8ae67ebc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8af5ef4000+cc000]
segfault at 1f3494 ip 00007f88772874c4 sp 00007f88637f5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8877262000+cc000]
segfault at 1f88c ip 00007f3a77184428 sp 00007f3a74a34c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3a7715f000+cc000]
segfault at 1fdb44 ip 00007f11c4ffd44e sp 00007f11bc7f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f11c4fd8000+cc000]
segfault at 20b138 ip 00007fa01c0cd49e sp 00007f9ff82c6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa01c0a8000+cc000]
segfault at 20d0 ip aeae9dd0 sp 9d9e9100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeace000+cb000]
segfault at 20d4c0 ip 00007f37df55a49e sp 00007f37d45f6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f37df535000+cc000]
segfault at 21047c ip 00007f4a9829a44e sp 00007f4a8d8f8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4a98275000+cc000]
segfault at 211224 ip 00007fb389fd1428 sp 00007fb381ffac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb389fac000+cc000]
segfault at 214d2c ip aea8ddd0 sp 97cfe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea72000+cb000]
segfault at 2358c0 ip aea14cff sp ab7fa100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f9000+cb000]
segfault at 247338 ip 00007fa729fe1428 sp 00007fa729d96c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa729fbc000+cc000]
segfault at 24c26c ip 00007f817caf344e sp 00007f8171bf0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f817cace000+cc000]
segfault at 2629b0 ip 00007f9adfe964c4 sp 00007f9ad47f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9adfe71000+cc000]
segfault at 2665fc ip ae9c2dd0 sp a99fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9a7000+cb000]
segfault at 266bdc ip 00007f99b55ed4c4 sp 00007f99aa4f0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f99b55c8000+cc000]
segfault at 26868 ip 00007fb1745e444e sp 00007fb174399c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb1745bf000+cc000]
segfault at 26b5fc ip aea3add0 sp a89fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea1f000+cb000]
segfault at 26d24 ip 00007f8975ada428 sp 00007f893778dc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8975ab5000+cc000]
segfault at 274fd0 ip 00007fb0740ed49e sp 00007fb06bffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb0740c8000+cc000]
segfault at 276664 ip 00007ff55e4794c4 sp 00007ff550ff0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff55e454000+cc000]
segfault at 27c9e4 ip 00007fe62d4724c4 sp 00007fe622ffcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe62d44d000+cc000]
segfault at 27e574 ip 00007fbc0fe744c4 sp 00007fbc07ffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fbc0fe4f000+cc000]
segfault at 289fc ip 00007f5c9324144e sp 00007f5c84ff0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5c9321c000+cc000]
segfault at 28da6c ip 00007f280507a44e sp 00007f27fabf2c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2805055000+cc000]
segfault at 28da6c ip 00007f535883044e sp 00007f534e7fac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f535880b000+cc000]
segfault at 28da6c ip 00007fd2d2a6444e sp 00007fd2ca3fac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fd2d2a3f000+cc000]
segfault at 2903dc ip 00007f19327644c4 sp 00007f19261f0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f193273f000+cc000]
segfault at 29051c ip 00007f376e78f44e sp 00007f376dd43c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f376e76a000+cc000]
segfault at 2941c ip 00007f5905c58428 sp 00007f58fd2f8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5905c33000+cc000]
segfault at 296fd4 ip 00007efe34b8a44e sp 00007efe2cff7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7efe34b65000+cc000]
segfault at 2975b0 ip aea23dd0 sp ac1b1100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea08000+cb000]
segfault at 29852c ip 00007f932353744e sp 00007f93157eec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9323512000+cc000]
segfault at 29c730 ip ae9e9dd0 sp 9b5ea100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ce000+cb000]
segfault at 2abbdc ip aea4add0 sp ad7fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea2f000+cb000]
segfault at 2b1540 ip 00007f1da48804c4 sp 00007f1d997f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1da485b000+cc000]
segfault at 2b1540 ip 00007f33ddca34c4 sp 00007f33d37f3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f33ddc7e000+cc000]
segfault at 2b1540 ip 00007f3e9a1d74c4 sp 00007f3e8eff1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3e9a1b2000+cc000]
segfault at 2b6090 ip 00007f952216649e sp 00007f951a7fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9522141000+cc000]
segfault at 2bc9fc ip 00007f2cc88a34c4 sp 00007f2cc8658c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2cc887e000+cc000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9bfea9 sp bfce17c0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae999000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9c7ea9 sp bfa28210 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9a1000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9cfea9 sp bf860240 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9a9000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9e0ea9 sp bfc48750 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ba000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9e0ea9 sp bfc8d900 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ba000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9eaea9 sp bfa2af60 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9c4000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9f9ea9 sp bf8d7e30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d3000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip ae9fbea9 sp bfcaa190 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d5000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea01ea9 sp bf99a6d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9db000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea03ea9 sp bfb0fd40 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9dd000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea09ea9 sp bf97f6e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e3000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea0aea9 sp bfd05340 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e4000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea0aea9 sp bfef0670 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e4000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea10ea9 sp bf998a10 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ea000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea17ea9 sp bfa65710 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f1000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea1dea9 sp bfafcf30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f7000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea1dea9 sp bfeda060 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f7000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea25ea9 sp bfceb370 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ff000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea2cea9 sp bfdc1fa0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea06000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea39ea9 sp bffe6090 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea13000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea3bea9 sp bfa77740 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea15000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea43ea9 sp bfde6310 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea1d000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea4cea9 sp bf99a990 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea26000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea52ea9 sp bf800f30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea2c000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea56ea9 sp bfc6efb0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea30000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea57ea9 sp bf895f00 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea31000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea5aea9 sp bf9ed9e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea34000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea5eea9 sp bfd7e890 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea38000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea5fea9 sp bf8f1410 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea39000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea5fea9 sp bf9d0bd0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea39000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea5fea9 sp bfc89d70 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea39000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea7bea9 sp bff112a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea55000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea81ea9 sp bfbd3960 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea5b000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea8aea9 sp bff55720 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea64000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea8bea9 sp bf96e600 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea65000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea8bea9 sp bff69ee0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea65000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea8dea9 sp bfd1bb90 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea67000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea97ea9 sp bf996870 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea71000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aea9bea9 sp bff54e30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea75000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaa5ea9 sp bfb719b0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea7f000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaaaea9 sp bfac7e50 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea84000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab1ea9 sp bff66f10 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8b000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab2ea9 sp bfcda120 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8c000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab3ea9 sp bfe078e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8d000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab3ea9 sp bfe43bd0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8d000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab5ea9 sp bfa06c90 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8f000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeab9ea9 sp bf9665e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea93000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeabeea9 sp bf85ed30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea98000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeabeea9 sp bf9ccd30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea98000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeac1ea9 sp bf807000 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea9b000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaceea9 sp bfbb2a10 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaa8000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeacfea9 sp bfed9260 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaa9000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeae6ea9 sp bfd1a3a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeac0000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaf1ea9 sp bfa17b60 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeacb000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaf6ea9 sp bfb064e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aead0000+cb000]
segfault at 2c ip aeaf9ea9 sp bfc3e580 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aead3000+cb000]
segfault at 2d3f40 ip aeaa9d97 sp a4cf8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8e000+cb000]
segfault at 2d49e0 ip 00007f55f68e84c4 sp 00007f55e6fecc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f55f68c3000+cc000]
segfault at 2dfbc4 ip 00007f9dbc43f4c4 sp 00007f9dac9d7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9dbc41a000+cc000]
segfault at 2e1ffc ip 00007f120f80c4c4 sp 00007f12017f1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f120f7e7000+cc000]
segfault at 2e35ac ip 00007f28c16684c4 sp 00007f28b57f1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f28c1643000+cc000]
segfault at 2e385c ip ae9afdd0 sp a5cf8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae994000+cb000]
segfault at 2e60b8 ip 00007f6201f304c4 sp 00007f61f87f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6201f0b000+cc000]
segfault at 2e87d0 ip 00007fa4a75d34c4 sp 00007fa4a5384c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa4a75ae000+cc000]
segfault at 2ed87c ip 00007f6a846664c4 sp 00007f6a7bffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6a84641000+cc000]
segfault at 2f2980 ip ae9f3dd0 sp a20ff100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d8000+cb000]
segfault at 2f641c ip aea0add0 sp ac7fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ef000+cb000]
segfault at 2f7fdc ip ae9fadd0 sp ae98d100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9df000+cb000]
segfault at 302c6c ip 00007f2a11c474c4 sp 00007f29e4997c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2a11c22000+cc000]
segfault at 30a5c4 ip 00007f861a0b64c4 sp 00007f8619e6bc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f861a091000+cc000]
segfault at 30fda8 ip 00007f13c6a1444e sp 00007f13bc7f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f13c69ef000+cc000]
segfault at 31305c ip ae9fadd0 sp 9edfd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9df000+cb000]
segfault at 3155b0 ip aea60dd0 sp aaff9100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea45000+cb000]
segfault at 31585c ip 00007f66a265d4c4 sp 00007f666fee4c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f66a2638000+cc000]
segfault at 31585c ip 00007feccc6d44c4 sp 00007feccc489c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7feccc6af000+cc000]
segfault at 31585c ip aea34dd0 sp a77f4100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea19000+cb000]
segfault at 31585c ip aea40dd0 sp acffd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea25000+cb000]
segfault at 31585c ip aea43dd0 sp a85f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea28000+cb000]
segfault at 31585c ip aea75dd0 sp a90f5100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea5a000+cb000]
segfault at 316b40 ip 00007ffbc863444e sp 00007ffbbcff8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ffbc860f000+cc000]
segfault at 31f87c ip 00007f9c486014c4 sp 00007f9c453b0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9c485dc000+cc000]
segfault at 3263fc ip aeaded38 sp a9cfe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeac3000+cb000]
segfault at 33e9fc ip 00007fad5a97e4c4 sp 00007fad4b7edc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fad5a959000+cc000]
segfault at 33e9fc ip aea67dd0 sp a47ec100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea4c000+cb000]
segfault at 33ff6c ip 00007ffb84dee4c4 sp 00007ffb84ba3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ffb84dc9000+cc000]
segfault at 341684 ip 00007f7e3a92d4c4 sp 00007f7e21810c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f7e3a908000+cc000]
segfault at 3436f0 ip 00007f08d4a7b49e sp 00007f08b17c1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f08d4a56000+cc000]
segfault at 34976c ip 00007f6e31e7a4c4 sp 00007f6e2b7fdc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6e31e55000+cc000]
segfault at 34f60c ip 00007f7ebd7b44c4 sp 00007f7eadfeac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f7ebd78f000+cc000]
segfault at 352bd4 ip 00007fc2bfafe49e sp 00007fc29c7c7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fc2bfad9000+cc000]
segfault at 355f04 ip 00007f8da8c404c4 sp 00007f8d977fdc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8da8c1b000+cc000]
segfault at 360040 ip aea37d97 sp 8f2e7100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea1c000+cb000]
segfault at 3696fc ip 00007f308da1b4c4 sp 00007f307b7e5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f308d9f6000+cc000]
segfault at 369bfc ip 00007f7fd260144e sp 00007f7fd0bb3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f7fd25dc000+cc000]
segfault at 369bfc ip 00007f8ac3e4944e sp 00007f8ac23fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8ac3e24000+cc000]
segfault at 369bfc ip aea01d38 sp ad7ff100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e6000+cb000]
segfault at 369bfc ip aeab9d38 sp a2af3100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea9e000+cb000]
segfault at 36a808 ip 00007f2e89df24c4 sp 00007f2e815f8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2e89dcd000+cc000]
segfault at 36affc ip 00007f79ee0b744e sp 00007f79e7ffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f79ee092000+cc000]
segfault at 36c3fc ip 00007f270687344e sp 00007f26fc0f5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f270684e000+cc000]
segfault at 36c3fc ip 00007f63f7ff944e sp 00007f63ef2fcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f63f7fd4000+cc000]
segfault at 36c3fc ip 00007ff71ba7744e sp 00007ff71a029c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff71ba52000+cc000]
segfault at 36c3fc ip aea91d38 sp aea24100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea76000+cb000]
segfault at 36d7fc ip 00007f070e02544e sp 00007f0705af9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f070e000000+cc000]
segfault at 36d7fc ip 00007fed9f99544e sp 00007fed8cfe8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fed9f970000+cc000]
segfault at 36ebfc ip 00007fa13195f44e sp 00007fa1270f3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa13193a000+cc000]
segfault at 36ebfc ip 00007fc20201244e sp 00007fc1f27fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fc201fed000+cc000]
segfault at 36ebfc ip aea2bd38 sp ae9be100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea10000+cb000]
segfault at 3713fc ip 00007fdff4dc444e sp 00007fdfeeffcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdff4d9f000+cc000]
segfault at 374bac ip aea67dd0 sp 95b3e100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea4c000+cb000]
segfault at 374ffc ip 00007f8b9a02e44e sp 00007f8b93ffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8b9a009000+cc000]
segfault at 374ffc ip aea89d38 sp ab8fa100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea6e000+cb000]
segfault at 375ab8 ip aea86d38 sp 8befc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea6b000+cb000]
segfault at 375edc ip 00007f269810c4c4 sp 00007f268a7f3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f26980e7000+cc000]
segfault at 375edc ip 00007f2e73eb74c4 sp 00007f2e6affcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2e73e92000+cc000]
segfault at 375edc ip aea02dd0 sp ab8fb100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e7000+cb000]
segfault at 375edc ip aea2cdd0 sp abdfa100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea11000+cb000]
segfault at 375edc ip aead8dd0 sp a87f2100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeabd000+cb000]
segfault at 375edc ip aeae7dd0 sp ac9fd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeacc000+cb000]
segfault at 3763fc ip aea9ed38 sp a52fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea83000+cb000]
segfault at 3777fc ip 00007fdd378a344e sp 00007fdcf7f8ec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdd3787e000+cc000]
segfault at 3777fc ip aea27d38 sp a59f8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea0c000+cb000]
segfault at 3777fc ip aeaa6d38 sp a36f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8b000+cb000]
segfault at 378bfc ip 00007f584473644e sp 00007f582a0e9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5844711000+cc000]
segfault at 37b3fc ip 00007f5b50b1644e sp 00007f5b508cbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5b50af1000+cc000]
segfault at 380044 ip aea46dd0 sp a77f7100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea2b000+cb000]
segfault at 383bdc ip aeadadd0 sp a83f3100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeabf000+cb000]
segfault at 38adb0 ip ae9aedd0 sp ac7fc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae993000+cb000]
segfault at 39eb60 ip 00007f2994fe749e sp 00007f298effcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2994fc2000+cc000]
segfault at 3a4800 ip 00007fee45dee431 sp 00007fee3d7f9c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fee45dc9000+cc000]
segfault at 3a578c ip 00007fa252cfc4c4 sp 00007fa24a7fac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa252cd7000+cc000]
segfault at 3a578c ip 00007fa6c64e54c4 sp 00007fa6beffcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa6c64c0000+cc000]
segfault at 3ad9b4 ip 00007f7687bb049e sp 00007f767c8f6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f7687b8b000+cc000]
segfault at 3bbb50 ip 00007f0520c804c4 sp 00007f0515ffac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0520c5b000+cc000]
segfault at 3bdb9c ip 00007fcdcad474c4 sp 00007fcdc2bfac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fcdcad22000+cc000]
segfault at 3bf1d8 ip 00007f9ed7f894c4 sp 00007f9ec3ffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9ed7f64000+cc000]
segfault at 3bf1d8 ip 00007faae350a4c4 sp 00007faadb7fdc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7faae34e5000+cc000]
segfault at 3bf4cc ip 00007f27e10584c4 sp 00007f27d3feac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f27e1033000+cc000]
segfault at 3bfcb0 ip 00007f5bedd924c4 sp 00007f5be37f3c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5bedd6d000+cc000]
segfault at 3bfcb0 ip 00007fd04bc194c4 sp 00007fd040bf6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fd04bbf4000+cc000]
segfault at 3bfc ip aeac8d38 sp a78f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaad000+cb000]
segfault at 3bfffc ip aea3bdd0 sp ad9cc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea20000+cb000]
segfault at 3c0ef4 ip 00007f972951c4c4 sp 00007f97177e5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f97294f7000+cc000]
segfault at 3c37b4 ip ae9efdd0 sp 937f3100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d4000+cb000]
segfault at 3c37b4 ip aea12dd0 sp 8f9f5100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9f7000+cb000]
segfault at 3c4060 ip 00007f3f969a64c4 sp 00007f3f95759c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3f96981000+cc000]
segfault at 3ca23c ip 00007f24138784c4 sp 00007f241362dc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2413853000+cc000]
segfault at 3ca794 ip 00007f64b013e49e sp 00007f64a67fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f64b0119000+cc000]
segfault at 3d21d8 ip 00007f93e7f5f457 sp 00007f93df7fdc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f93e7f3a000+cc000]
segfault at 3d783c ip 00007f8a976fe4c4 sp 00007f8a964b1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8a976d9000+cc000]
segfault at 3daf0 ip 00007fdfdb566428 sp 00007fdfd9b18c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdfdb541000+cc000]
segfault at 3e53b0 ip 00007f4e70f3d4c4 sp 00007f4e657f1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4e70f18000+cc000]
segfault at 3e7a0c ip 00007fdffceb04c4 sp 00007fdfd4fd0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdffce8b000+cc000]
segfault at 3e7a64 ip 00007ff60f44a4c4 sp 00007ff5ebac5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff60f425000+cc000]
segfault at 3e8a68 ip 00007f13603404c4 sp 00007f132f4a6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f136031b000+cc000]
segfault at 3e8a68 ip 00007f9ed16104c4 sp 00007f9ed13c5c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9ed15eb000+cc000]
segfault at 3ea3dc ip aeabcdd0 sp a30e9100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaa1000+cb000]
segfault at 3ea3dc ip aeacedd0 sp 9f1f5100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeab3000+cb000]
segfault at 3f5864 ip 00007f45dc9c44c4 sp 00007f45d8f72c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f45dc99f000+cc000]
segfault at 3f5d1c ip 00007fae098014c4 sp 00007fae06db1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fae097dc000+cc000]
segfault at 3fa5d4 ip aeab4dd0 sp ae246100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea99000+cb000]
segfault at 3ff3d4 ip 00007f2301f354c4 sp 00007f22f3feec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2301f10000+cc000]
segfault at 403464 ip aea05dd0 sp aadfc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ea000+cb000]
segfault at 403464 ip aeac8dd0 sp aa0f7100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaad000+cb000]
segfault at 404878 ip 00007f42633804cd sp 00007f424e2fac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f426335b000+cc000]
segfault at 40600 ip aea84d97 sp 9f6ee100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea69000+cb000]
segfault at 40b3d4 ip 00007f488ff604a7 sp 00007f488d00fc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f488ff3b000+cc000]
segfault at 414f4c ip 00007ff6deafc4cd sp 00007ff6d3bf4c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ff6dead7000+cc000]
segfault at 415c30 ip aea9acff sp a99f5100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea7f000+cb000]
segfault at 419688 ip ae9ebdd0 sp ab7fa100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d0000+cb000]
segfault at 41d97c ip aeabacff sp a78f2100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea9f000+cb000]
segfault at 421b38 ip 00007f60e17ea4cd sp 00007f60db7fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f60e17c5000+cc000]
segfault at 42adfc ip aeaa9dd0 sp ac8fc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8e000+cb000]
segfault at 4357f8 ip 00007f58330334cd sp 00007f582b7fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f583300e000+cc000]
segfault at 438f78 ip 00007f1dac1014cd sp 00007f1d5dfaac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f1dac0dc000+cc000]
segfault at 442270 ip aea57d97 sp abffb100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea3c000+cb000]
segfault at 442c9c ip aea8dd97 sp ad8fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea72000+cb000]
segfault at 443cb0 ip ae9c1d97 sp ab2fa100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9a6000+cb000]
segfault at 443ee0 ip aea2dd97 sp aadf8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea12000+cb000]
segfault at 44e504 ip 00007f7314ad44cd sp 00007f730c0f5c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f7314aaf000+cc000]
segfault at 455b04 ip 00007fef9e1a84cd sp 00007fef937f5c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fef9e183000+cc000]
segfault at 46060c ip ae9addd0 sp acdfc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae992000+cb000]
segfault at 4628a0 ip 00007f4a61e35457 sp 00007f4a587f7c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f4a61e10000+cc000]
segfault at 47f178 ip 00007fa9c85a34cd sp 00007fa9c6b55c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fa9c857e000+cc000]
segfault at 47f3fc ip 00007f41b9c33457 sp 00007f41b91e7c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f41b9c0e000+cc000]
segfault at 47f3fc ip 00007f96d544f457 sp 00007f96d4a03c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f96d542a000+cc000]
segfault at 48180 ip aeab1d38 sp 9f8e6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea96000+cb000]
segfault at 4a33c ip 00007fc309eaa428 sp 00007fc2cd791c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fc309e85000+cc000]
segfault at 4a6980 ip aea4cdd0 sp a77f2100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea31000+cb000]
segfault at 4a6980 ip aeaeadd0 sp a98f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeacf000+cb000]
segfault at 4a73dc ip aea5add0 sp a4cea100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea3f000+cb000]
segfault at 4a9900 ip 00007fdec02414cd sp 00007fdeb5ffac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fdec021c000+cc000]
segfault at 4aaad8 ip 00007f0918e72457 sp 00007f09127fbc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f0918e4d000+cc000]
segfault at 4aaf0c ip 00007f296e7f74cd sp 00007f296e5acc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f296e7d2000+cc000]
segfault at 4b4c94 ip 00007f310c92d4cd sp 00007f30d9faac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f310c908000+cc000]
segfault at 4b4c94 ip 00007f83a5c224cd sp 00007f839f7fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f83a5bfd000+cc000]
segfault at 4ba264 ip 00007f539f2c74cd sp 00007f5392138c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f539f2a2000+cc000]
segfault at 4ba264 ip 00007fd5dcad94cd sp 00007fd5cb7f5c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fd5dcab4000+cc000]
segfault at 4c148c ip 00007f9c5fb014cd sp 00007f9c557f9c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f9c5fadc000+cc000]
segfault at 4c148c ip 00007fd881ecc4cd sp 00007fd880c7fc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fd881ea7000+cc000]
segfault at 4c148c ip ae9fddd0 sp 8dcfb100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9e2000+cb000]
segfault at 4c2bf0 ip 00007fdfa42584cd sp 00007fdf5948cc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fdfa4233000+cc000]
segfault at 4c35dc ip aeaa9dd0 sp ad8fe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8e000+cb000]
segfault at 4cb514 ip 00007f46cf1324cd sp 00007f468077fc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f46cf10d000+cc000]
segfault at 4cb720 ip 00007f3356a534cd sp 00007f334dffac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f3356a2e000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdb14 ip 00007f8eaae574cd sp 00007f8ea9c0ac38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f8eaae32000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdc64 ip 00007f15e484a4cd sp 00007f15e10f8c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f15e4825000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdc64 ip 00007f434335f4cd sp 00007f433bffec38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f434333a000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdc94 ip 00007f8ea76be4cd sp 00007f8ea6471c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f8ea7699000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdffc ip 00007f26a08274cd sp 00007f269fddbc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f26a0802000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdffc ip 00007f2bf34aa4cd sp 00007f2be2fecc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f2bf3485000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdffc ip 00007f7b0879a4cd sp 00007f7af97f1c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f7b08775000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdffc ip 00007f948ef8b4cd sp 00007f94877fdc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f948ef66000+cc000]
segfault at 4cdffc ip 00007fd5edaa84cd sp 00007fd5ec85bc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fd5eda83000+cc000]
segfault at 4d9e7c ip 00007f0cb0cc64cd sp 00007f0c9fbd5c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f0cb0ca1000+cc000]
segfault at 4da750 ip 00007fb698acf457 sp 00007fb698884c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fb698aaa000+cc000]
segfault at 4dac98 ip 00007ffa64df44cd sp 00007ffa553d8c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ffa64dcf000+cc000]
segfault at 4db97c ip 00007eff0965d457 sp 00007efef9de1c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7eff09638000+cc000]
segfault at 4db97c ip 00007f8ee2d59457 sp 00007f8ed4ff0c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f8ee2d34000+cc000]
segfault at 4db97c ip 00007ff4edc09457 sp 00007ff4de1d2c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7ff4edbe4000+cc000]
segfault at 4dbbfc ip 00007f7a658e24cd sp 00007f7a58beec38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f7a658bd000+cc000]
segfault at 4dc5fc ip 00007efef8ed44cd sp 00007efef27fbc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7efef8eaf000+cc000]
segfault at 4dda90 ip aea61d38 sp 55cf4100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea46000+cb000]
segfault at 4dda90 ip aea65d38 sp 998fb100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea4a000+cb000]
segfault at 4e5bfc ip 00007f19b76ec4cd sp 00007f19907bfc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f19b76c7000+cc000]
segfault at 4ee79c ip 00007f64a3daa4cd sp 00007f648fffec38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f64a3d85000+cc000]
segfault at 4ee7fc ip 00007f15ebb9e4cd sp 00007f15e15f8c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f15ebb79000+cc000]
segfault at 4f19fc ip 00007f27e2d3e4cd sp 00007f27e0aefc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f27e2d19000+cc000]
segfault at 4f37fc ip 00007f534af874cd sp 00007f534a53bc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f534af62000+cc000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip ae9f1dd0 sp a10fc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9d6000+cb000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip aea1edd0 sp a97f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea03000+cb000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip aea69dd0 sp a30f7100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea4e000+cb000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip aea6ddd0 sp a56f8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea52000+cb000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip aeaaedd0 sp 93af3100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea93000+cb000]
segfault at 4f5fdc ip aeabbdd0 sp aacfe100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaa0000+cb000]
segfault at 4ff4e8 ip 00007f2aee9aa4cd sp 00007f2ade7ebc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f2aee985000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f10db19a4cd sp 00007f10d2ffcc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f10db175000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f1a165604cd sp 00007f1a0b8f4c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f1a1653b000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f2eddd044cd sp 00007f2ed2df3c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f2eddcdf000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f320b0a54cd sp 00007f31f8fe8c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f320b080000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f390b47e4cd sp 00007f38d9faac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f390b459000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f3b64f0b4cd sp 00007f3b47fe6c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f3b64ee6000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f4372a0c4cd sp 00007f4370fbec38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f43729e7000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f4c22b604cd sp 00007f4c127fbc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f4c22b3b000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f4d5778f4cd sp 00007f4d4d2f8c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f4d5776a000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f5ec06794cd sp 00007f5eb62fac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f5ec0654000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f7b048664cd sp 00007f7afb7fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f7b04841000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f830b9694cd sp 00007f83037fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f830b944000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f88bd7194cd sp 00007f88b6ffcc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f88bd6f4000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f938651f4cd sp 00007f937dffac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f93864fa000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f9c1d4524cd sp 00007f9c0b7fdc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f9c1d42d000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007f9f8d3354cd sp 00007f9f7feecc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f9f8d310000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fa768e0c4cd sp 00007fa75cbeec38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fa768de7000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fb1f8d234cd sp 00007fb1f12f8c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fb1f8cfe000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fb710afa4cd sp 00007fb7031eac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fb710ad5000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fba6b2da4cd sp 00007fba617f9c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fba6b2b5000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fca2ca194cd sp 00007fc9ebcebc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fca2c9f4000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fdad54794cd sp 00007fdabe7dbc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fdad5454000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fe414b234cd sp 00007fe402ffcc38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fe414afe000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007fe8ae0f24cd sp 00007fe8a45f6c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fe8ae0cd000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007ff4a8c1c4cd sp 00007ff4917d9c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ff4a8bf7000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007ff5655104cd sp 00007ff55fffec38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ff5654eb000+cc000]
segfault at 4ffffc ip 00007ff7fe0bf4cd sp 00007ff7f3ff6c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ff7fe09a000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007efd3ad58afd sp 00007fff7cbf07a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7efd3ad2d000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f0aadf12afd sp 00007fff52711460 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0aadee7000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f0d217a3afd sp 00007ffd22228af0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0d21778000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f1521864afd sp 00007ffefe64f5f0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1521839000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f168a76bafd sp 00007fff8e0f1530 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f168a740000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f176ff48afd sp 00007fff2f1d15d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f176ff1d000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f1cc47b4afd sp 00007ffc081651b0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1cc4789000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f1daac37afd sp 00007ffdd6272970 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1daac0c000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f1f0ec2fafd sp 00007ffff06b7390 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1f0ec04000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f2a89f0eafd sp 00007ffd50834fd0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2a89ee3000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f2f0dd7cafd sp 00007ffea80ab000 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2f0dd51000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f30f754cafd sp 00007ffc6a292180 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f30f7521000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f365fa5bafd sp 00007ffe869fc490 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f365fa30000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f387ef73afd sp 00007fff139fd710 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f387ef48000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f39d9082afd sp 00007ffd568c4c20 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f39d9057000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f3c64492afd sp 00007ffc5ebc74e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f3c64467000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f41d81b1afd sp 00007ffe3cd161e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f41d8186000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f4203449afd sp 00007ffc11f9ec40 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f420341e000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f42d7915afd sp 00007ffd8082d370 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f42d78ea000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f4350f3eafd sp 00007ffd9ea933d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4350f13000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f46c2820afd sp 00007ffc59ad1b20 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f46c27f5000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f4c4c1ecafd sp 00007ffc8a65bdd0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4c4c1c1000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f4d2e243afd sp 00007ffcd9e9ed80 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4d2e218000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f5365895afd sp 00007ffcea3f4710 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f536586a000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f53c9db2afd sp 00007ffe15ae14a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f53c9d87000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f5515bc6afd sp 00007ffe286da9a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5515b9b000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f5c55afaafd sp 00007ffc9b0b9840 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5c55acf000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f60d42ebafd sp 00007ffd487827d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f60d42c0000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f6124500afd sp 00007ffdbe5cd600 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f61244d5000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f675c0daafd sp 00007fffcdf845e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f675c0af000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f68e8ae3afd sp 00007ffe8d1480d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f68e8ab8000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f6b3c935afd sp 00007ffcb9a22b30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6b3c90a000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f6c6738bafd sp 00007ffe331b53a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6c67360000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f6cc2e58afd sp 00007fff4f98a3e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6cc2e2d000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f6f8c9c8afd sp 00007fff548071b0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6f8c99d000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f75fbf11afd sp 00007ffdf4e33a30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f75fbee6000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f8436964afd sp 00007ffedaed3330 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8436939000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f866e279afd sp 00007fffe127b1c0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f866e24e000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f8850eb5afd sp 00007ffc86f2f8a0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8850e8a000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f927fcecafd sp 00007ffff37542e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f927fcc1000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f9971792afd sp 00007ffdfc69a6e0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9971767000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f9be231cafd sp 00007fffc2a01a60 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9be22f1000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f9dc8b13afd sp 00007ffeefd4bf30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9dc8ae8000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007f9f1a921afd sp 00007ffda1977560 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9f1a8f6000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fa6ae77dafd sp 00007ffff69c7b50 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa6ae752000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fadfa418afd sp 00007ffccdc2d1d0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fadfa3ed000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fafc71fdafd sp 00007ffc0a665480 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fafc71d2000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fb1025b9afd sp 00007ffe26dfb550 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb10258e000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fb21c513afd sp 00007ffe266ae2f0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb21c4e8000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fb800382afd sp 00007ffff0e5ef30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb800357000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fbbef53eafd sp 00007ffd0bd19b40 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fbbef513000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fca6461cafd sp 00007ffd327e64f0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fca645f1000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fcd6aa03afd sp 00007ffcc80a5500 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fcd6a9d8000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fcea5db3afd sp 00007ffc16dc1320 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fcea5d88000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fced580dafd sp 00007fff28f2bc40 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fced57e2000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fd427ccfafd sp 00007ffc7b593f50 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fd427ca4000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fda4a728afd sp 00007ffcf70cba30 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fda4a6fd000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fdb06a6aafd sp 00007ffd13fdd4b0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdb06a3f000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fdc8f316afd sp 00007ffef9617850 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdc8f2eb000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fe2f9669afd sp 00007ffdcdf05210 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe2f963e000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fe6f5f2bafd sp 00007ffc353b1730 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe6f5f00000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fe98e2fbafd sp 00007ffce3812740 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe98e2d0000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007feadbac9afd sp 00007fffc0df8720 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7feadba9e000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007fecdcb5aafd sp 00007ffd7bcac1c0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fecdcb2f000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007feda75c4afd sp 00007ffd26dacab0 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7feda7599000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007ff841bc4afd sp 00007fff6dcb6890 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff841b99000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007ff8c0657afd sp 00007ffe12cb1310 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff8c062c000+cc000]
segfault at 50 ip 00007ffbb4763afd sp 00007fff9b760e70 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ffbb4738000+cc000]
segfault at 53374 ip aea31dd0 sp a97f6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea16000+cb000]
segfault at 5469f4 ip 00007f8241d124cd sp 00007f8239ffac38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f8241ced000+cc000]
segfault at 56afe0 ip 00007f0ad31324cd sp 00007f0ad1ee5c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f0ad310d000+cc000]
segfault at 56bbc8 ip 00007f57623624cd sp 00007f5756ff4c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f576233d000+cc000]
segfault at 58e098 ip 00007f1f4cc394cd sp 00007f1f3efecc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f1f4cc14000+cc000]
segfault at 5997c ip 00007f1bc663e44e sp 00007f1bbaff4c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f1bc6619000+cc000]
segfault at 5ad30 ip 00007fd01dbf9457 sp 00007fd0165fac38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fd01dbd4000+cc000]
segfault at 5d138c ip 00007ffb90ced4cd sp 00007ffb857f1c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7ffb90cc8000+cc000]
segfault at 5d63e4 ip 00007fadd81324cd sp 00007fadc87efc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fadd810d000+cc000]
segfault at 5dcb28 ip 00007facb31e84cd sp 00007faca7ff6c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7facb31c3000+cc000]
segfault at 5ec88 ip aeaa9dd0 sp 5d5fd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea8e000+cb000]
segfault at 6163d4 ip 00007fd4dbe144cd sp 00007fd4da3c6c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7fd4dbdef000+cc000]
segfault at 617c24 ip 00007f4b773e64cd sp 00007f4b75998c38 error 7 in libItalcCore.so[7f4b773c1000+cc000]
segfault at 61f20 ip 00007f234461344e sp 00007f2339ffac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f23445ee000+cc000]
segfault at 63ce8 ip 00007f5d142b244e sp 00007f5d0a7fbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5d1428d000+cc000]
segfault at 63f0b4 ip 00007fc36cf224cd sp 00007fc35affcc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fc36cefd000+cc000]
segfault at 64200 ip 00007f0ebba7f428 sp 00007f0eb32fcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0ebba5a000+cc000]
segfault at 65e4e8 ip 00007f261c9834cd sp 00007f2611ffac38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f261c95e000+cc000]
segfault at 66b13c ip 00007fbef2d904c4 sp 00007fbef1b43c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fbef2d6b000+cc000]
segfault at 66eb64 ip 00007f7c356f34cd sp 00007f7c2fffec38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f7c356ce000+cc000]
segfault at 67763c ip 00007fcc933af4c4 sp 00007fcc87ff6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fcc9338a000+cc000]
segfault at 67907c ip 00007f47fdbc24cd sp 00007f47ee1d2c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f47fdb9d000+cc000]
segfault at 67907c ip 00007f8aff86c4cd sp 00007f8af17f1c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7f8aff847000+cc000]
segfault at 67907c ip 00007fb4757604cd sp 00007fb46f7fdc38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fb47573b000+cc000]
segfault at 67907c ip 00007fc37fb9c4cd sp 00007fc36bffec38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fc37fb77000+cc000]
segfault at 6896fc ip 00007f8b9a8c24c4 sp 00007f8b85ff2c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f8b9a89d000+cc000]
segfault at 6896fc ip 00007f9dbbde94c4 sp 00007f9da77fdc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9dbbdc4000+cc000]
segfault at 6896fc ip 00007fa00b62a4c4 sp 00007fa0007f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa00b605000+cc000]
segfault at 6896fc ip 00007fa76134b4c4 sp 00007fa753feec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa761326000+cc000]
segfault at 6896fc ip 00007fe9dffbb4c4 sp 00007fe9d3ff6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe9dff96000+cc000]
segfault at 68d5cc ip 00007fdab25d844e sp 00007fdaa87f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fdab25b3000+cc000]
segfault at 68d610 ip 00007f0d1f7ed44e sp 00007f0d14ff8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0d1f7c8000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007f2291e3d4c4 sp 00007f2281bd9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f2291e18000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007f292561d4c4 sp 00007f291fffec38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f29255f8000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007f60a97684c4 sp 00007f609dff2c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f60a9743000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007f6ee27f34c4 sp 00007f6ed47efc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f6ee27ce000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007fe21806a4c4 sp 00007fe2097f1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe218045000+cc000]
segfault at 6ad85c ip 00007ff9103244c4 sp 00007ff90f8d8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7ff9102ff000+cc000]
segfault at 6ba9f4 ip 00007f18017df49e sp 00007f17f87f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f18017ba000+cc000]
segfault at 713e0 ip aeaa2d38 sp ac8fc100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea87000+cb000]
segfault at 748d0 ip aea4ecff sp a4fef100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea33000+cb000]
segfault at 76bfc ip 00007f412d4e044e sp 00007f41242f6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f412d4bb000+cc000]
segfault at 7bd94 ip 00007fc27678849e sp 00007fc24e7cbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fc276763000+cc000]
segfault at 7f13c ip aea83d38 sp ad0fd100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea68000+cb000]
segfault at 7fee3c42f000 ip 00007fee48faa910 sp 00007fee42ffcbc0 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fee48f5b000+cc000]
segfault at 80124 ip 00007f09d1cfa428 sp 00007f09c97f9c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f09d1cd5000+cc000]
segfault at 8eca8 ip 00007f4fd52a644e sp 00007f4fc4fe8c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4fd5281000+cc000]
segfault at 96fcc ip 00007f04734a6428 sp 00007f0472259c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f0473481000+cc000]
segfault at 9f234 ip 00007f33571d7428 sp 00007f334aff4c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f33571b2000+cc000]
segfault at a987c ip 00007f9c5099e44e sp 00007f9c50753c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f9c50979000+cc000]
segfault at b3c44 ip aea08dd0 sp a81ff100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[ae9ed000+cb000]
segfault at c3d00 ip 00007f157626244e sp 00007f156c7f7c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f157623d000+cc000]
segfault at c828 ip aea2acff sp 87af8100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea0f000+cb000]
segfault at c828 ip aeae5cff sp a72f4100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeaca000+cb000]
segfault at cce8 ip aeae3cff sp 998d6100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aeac8000+cb000]
segfault at d1ec ip 00007fb0055f949e sp 00007faffeafbc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fb0055d4000+cc000]
segfault at d6228 ip 00007f723515944e sp 00007f72257f1c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f7235134000+cc000]
segfault at de6f8 ip 00007f581364144e sp 00007f5804ff0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f581361c000+cc000]
segfault at e4520 ip 00007fa6d915844e sp 00007fa6b8fd0c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fa6d9133000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip 00007f4afa6e744e sp 00007f4af9c9bc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f4afa6c2000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip 00007f5c19bc344e sp 00007f5c102f6c38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5c19b9e000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip 00007f5fe3be444e sp 00007f5fd37fdc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f5fe3bbf000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip 00007f70a967a44e sp 00007f70a2ffcc38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7f70a9655000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip 00007fe09c1a644e sp 00007fe072bcac38 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[7fe09c181000+cc000]
segfault at e4864 ip aea90d38 sp 87f0f100 error 4 in libItalcCore.so[aea75000+cb000]
segfault at f4 ip 00007fa1d370f457 sp 00007fa1d34c4c38 error 6 in libItalcCore.so[7fa1d36ea000+cc000]
Comment 3 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-01-25 15:05:49 CET
I could reproduce one segfault by just switching the room twice to the same room as before (→ seems Bug #27534 occurs again).

#0  QMutexLocker (m=0x50, this=<synthetic pointer>) at /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qmutex.h:109
No locals.
#1  ItalcVncConnection::enqueueEvent (this=0x0, e=0x241a5d0) at /var/build/temp/tmp.ADar7uxskZ/pbuilder/italc-2.0.25/lib/src/ItalcVncConnection.cpp:714
        lock = <optimized out>
#2  0x00007ff3e8a72314 in ItalcCoreConnection::enqueueMessage (this=0x241a300, msg=...) at /var/build/temp/tmp.ADar7uxskZ/pbuilder/italc-2.0.25/lib/src/ItalcCoreConnection.cpp:353
        m = {m_socketDevice = 0x0, m_cmd = {static null = {<No data fields>}, static shared_null = {ref = {_q_value = 389}, alloc = 0, size = 0, data = 0x7ff40ba6b8fa, clean = 0, simpletext = 0, righttoleft = 0, asciiCache = 0, capacity = 0, reserved = 0, array = {0}}, 
            static shared_empty = {ref = {_q_value = 3}, alloc = 0, size = 0, data = 0x7ff40ba6b8da, clean = 0, simpletext = 0, righttoleft = 0, asciiCache = 0, capacity = 0, reserved = 0, array = {0}}, d = 0xf37ab0, static codecForCStrings = 0x0}, m_args = {{d = 
    0x7ff40ba6b820, e = 0x7ff40ba6b820}}}
#3  0x00007ff3e8a728dc in ItalcCoreConnection::sendGetUserInformationRequest (this=<optimized out>) at /var/build/temp/tmp.ADar7uxskZ/pbuilder/italc-2.0.25/lib/src/ItalcCoreConnection.cpp:167
No locals.
#4  0x00007ff3e8d22ec1 in ?? () from /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/italc.so
No symbol table info available.
Comment 4 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-01-25 16:27:07 CET
*** Bug 37378 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 5 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-01-25 18:14:00 CET
(In reply to Florian Best from comment #3)
> I could reproduce one segfault by just switching the room twice to the same
> room as before (→ seems Bug #27534 occurs again).

The python-notifier timer with the update() job is called after the connection is closed which results in the segfault.

ucs-school-umc-computerroom (7.0.3-2):
r66948 | Bug #40316: prevent segfault
Comment 6 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-01-25 18:14:24 CET
*** Bug 37378 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Comment 7 Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2016-03-11 11:49:33 CET
(In reply to Florian Best from comment #5)
> ucs-school-umc-computerroom (7.0.3-2):
> r66948 | Bug #40316: prevent segfault

OK: Code change
Comment 8 Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2016-03-15 14:58:48 CET
(In reply to Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich from comment #7)
> (In reply to Florian Best from comment #5)
> > ucs-school-umc-computerroom (7.0.3-2):
> > r66948 | Bug #40316: prevent segfault
> OK: Code change

Code change looked ok, but functional test revealed that the change caused segfaults during computerroom/room/acquire if a new exam is started. Therefore the commit has been reverted:

ucs-school-umc-computerroom (7.0.5-1):
r68105 | revert of "Bug #40316: prevent segfault" as it caused segfaults during computerroom/room/acquire
Comment 9 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-03-16 07:23:39 CET
(In reply to Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich from comment #8)
> Code change looked ok, but functional test revealed that the change caused
> segfaults during computerroom/room/acquire if a new exam is started.
> Therefore the commit has been reverted:
paranormal activity... the code was there to prevent another segfault :'(
Comment 10 Florian Best univentionstaff 2016-07-08 18:18:41 CEST
A better patch was commited in Bug #41752.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 41752 ***
Comment 11 Daniel Tröder univentionstaff 2016-09-06 13:10:42 CEST
work on this is continuing in Bug #41752.
Comment 12 Sönke Schwardt-Krummrich univentionstaff 2016-12-12 13:16:28 CET
UCS@school 4.1 R2 v9 has been released.